Tuesday, 9/02/14 – Getting a Sense of Wappingers’ History


Today was one of my shorter days at the homestead (Tuesdays and Fridays I’m here for only about three hours), and I let Jackie have my ear for a good amount of it. I’m so thankful that she’s a pretty common denominator here, because I, being new to not only to the homestead, but also to the history of Wappingers, have some catching up to do. Thus, having Jackie around is a great benefit to me because she grew up in the village and knows the area and a lot of its history. She’s been filling me in on whatever she knows and tries to answer my (frequent!) questions. After talking for a bit she suggested that tomorrow we go on a tour of the village and see some of the homes and streets that come up often in my research. I eagerly agreed, of course! It’d be nice to have an mental image of the village so I can better visualize and understand the information I’m reading about. I’m very excited for that!

Further, Jackie has an Ancestry.com (with international access) membership which she offered to let me use. I’m ecstatic about this. I’m hoping it’ll allow me to verify and find some new information about our dear Mesiers. I want to have a concrete genealogy of the family which will in turn be a stable foundation for future research. Thank you, Jackie!

Besides that, we also bounced a few ideas off each other for the Fall Festival which she, Trish (another volunteer here), and I are all working on. Mostly our goal is to gather some stories for the tour that we are planning on giving during the festival. That project seems to be moving along alright, and come October 18th, I think we’ll have some interesting stories to share about the village/homestead.

Until tomorrow!


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