Wednesday, 9/04/14 – Driving Tour & Continuing Research

WOW – do I have a lot of share with you all today!
I started the day with Jackie, as planned, and we spend over two hours driving around Wappingers. Being completely ignorant of the town’s topography, every street, house, and park was new to me. I was delighted, each time we stopped somewhere of importance, to construct a comprehensive vision of of the places that always come about during my research. I finally know where Stony Co., the bleachery, and Sweet Orr were. It’s fascinating how these industrial factories/quarry influenced the general make of the town. Whole areas in the village were developed as housing for the many workers of these industries, and thus were the first real streets and “heavy” residential areas formed. Most of these duplexes and homes are still up and occupied. Therefore, t’s incredible how easy it is, given the almost identical original layout, to imagine how the town looked and felt when industry had a stronghold here.
Besides visiting the landmarks of the town’s industry, we drove past some of the still-erected homes of the Clapp and Reese families, which are mostly now split into apartments. I should have taken some pictures for you, but I was so distracted that it didn’t cross my mind. I do want to share with you the Wappingers’ Greenway Trail. Not everything that Jackie and I paid close attention to are listed on this map, but this may give you an idea of what we saw (click to enlarge & clarify):
wf-greenway trail_Page_1
wf-greenway trail_Page_2
There are so many other places we stopped at that aren’t listed here, but I’m sure throughout my blog I’ll reference some of the areas I saw and learned about today. I’ve also edited the Greenway map to show were the bleachery and Sweet Orr were; highlighted in purple represents housing projects for workers of these factories. You should all travel the Greenway Trail!
Sweet Orr - Bleachery - greenway (2)
Being Wednesday, I had a lot of time after our tour to continue my research on the Mesiers. I am soooo, soooooo impatient to share with you all what I found on – so many leads and so much new information! If I share it now, I’m afraid I’ll be premature since none of it is coherently organized and it would be appreciated more once organized. I’m going to hopefully get that out by tomorrow or Saturday!
And now, it is bed time.

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