9/09/14 – Next in Line, Peter Mesier!


Good evening!

So, as promised, next in line we have Peter Mesier, Peter J. Mesier and Maritje Mesier’s son. Peter J. Mesier had two sons, Peter and Abraham. The Peter Mesier that we are now speaking of was the father of Peter Mesier, who came to Wappingers and purchased the homestead in 1776 (I’ll write much more about this particular Mesier in the following post).

This second Peter in the Mesier Lineage was born in New York around 1696 (or 1698 – I’m working on confirming this) and died there in 1770. In 1721 he married Jenneke Wessels and two sons, Peter and Abraham (AGAIN – did they want  us to be confused?!), and a daughter named Catherine. I’m disappointed that I haven’t found much information about his life, and I’m hesitant to share without a source to cite, but we generally know that he was a wealthy merchant in the city. His son, Peter, carried out the legacy of the 15 homes and residences they owned there until 1776 (this we are certain of).

Copies of both portraits of Peter Mesier and his wife, Jenneke, hang in the great hall and are seen upon entering the homestead. The originals are in possession of the Reese family, direct descendants of the Mesiers. It was an exponential cost to have these portraits painted in the Mesier’s time – so we can gather from this idea alone that they were likely a wealthy family (aside from the fact that we know Peter Mesier ran and owned many properties in the city). I want to gather some more information to share, and I’m sure I’ll find some, but for now I believe this is as much as I could say about Peter Mesier.



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