Discovering Mesier Family Descendants


I have been eagerly awaiting Andrew Hendricks’ reply to my email, the man who Len Tantillo says is a Mesier descendant (and commissioned Tantillo’s Mesier Mill paintings), and this weekend I was happy to receive a call from him! I was at work unfortunately, but as soon as I could I returned the call. We discussed for a long while the family, the mill, and our research.

It was definitely¬†interesting to talk with Hendricks. He is deeply interested in his family’s history, and curious to know about the homestead here at Wappingers. He explained that he’s spent a lot of time researching and ascertaining about the mill in the New Netherland fort, and has even petitioned for the mill to have a place in the 9/11 Memorial (the Mill stood where the South Trade Center Tower was built). His passion and enthusiasm for the history reflects my own, and it’s always exciting to talk with someone who shares so specific an interest.

Andrew Hendricks has also visited the sites in Manhattan and has spent some time at the New Netherland Institute in Albany. He’s been in contact with Jaap Jacobs, and let me know that he will further reach out to Dr. Jacobs in regards to the Mesier project (which is great because we agreed that perhaps he could incite Dr. Jacobs to offer some more attention to the project). Hendricks also agreed to mail me his proposal for the 9/11 Memorial which includes the research he has done so I can add it to my own Mesier documents, which will be extremely helpful. So thank you, Andrew Hendricks! I expect that we will remain in close contact throughout the project.


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