On to the next stage!


Hello, good morning! I’m excited to get back to blogging about my internship, and now independent study. Professor Roper and I have decided that the project is worth taking to the next level, and so in addition to the roles of my internship for the historical society, I will also be writing and gathering materials for a substantial case study about the family.

My independent study will start with Peter Jansen Mesier coming to the settlement at New Netherland and follow the family to the 19th Century, ending with Peter A. Mesier, prominent book seller and lithographer in New York City. I want to demonstrate the family’s roles and experiences living in the city and how they exemplify colonial New York. The thesis of my paper is still being developed and fine tuned, but I will keep the blog updated on my progress.

For the historical society, Sandra, Beth and I have discussed what they hope the outcome of my project will be. For the historical society I’m going to continue my post-1776 Mesier research and focus on the history of the family in regards to their role in the village of Wappingers.

Between the two projects there will be a comprehensive history of the Mesier family from 1660 until 1891. I’m very excited for this, and eager to get everything going! In my next post I’m going to summarize everything I worked on last semester so it’s clear where we’ve left off.

Until then!


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