Thursday, 8/28/14: Fall Festival Preparations


Hello, hello, hello!

Today was my second day at the homestead actually working on my internship project. Yes – that’s plural! Besides researching the Mesier Family, I will be helping find and organize stories for Haunted Hudson Valley’s Halloween Festival. The festival is going take place at the Mesier Park (where, obviously, our little homestead is nestled) and the homestead will be open for tours from 11am until 5pm. 

I’m really excited for this event. It’s the kind of event where perhaps people who aren’t generally interested in the town’s history or the homestead can be exposed to it in a fun way. When history is “fun” (it’s always fun! but sometimes it has to be a little extra fun to spark peoples’ interest), people want to learn more. And when they learn more, they appreciate the town that much more – which they should! We live in an area rich with an amazing, fascinating history, and I want everyone to know and love it (a girl can dream, can’t she?). 

For more information on the festival, visit


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